Standard Friction Hinge


Butt Hinge

A friction hinge and a butt hinge are two different types of hinges commonly used for casement windows. Here are the main differences between them:

  1. Design: A friction hinge is usually a single, sturdy unit with an integrated mechanism that allows controlled friction and smooth movement. On the other hand, a butt hinge consists of two separate plates attached to the window sash and frame, joined together by a pin.
  2. Aesthetics: Friction hinges are commonly used for brand new windows, traditional or otherwise, as they offer a clean and streamline appearance where the hinges are concealed. Butt hinges, on the other hand, are visible from the outside.
  3. Functionality: A friction hinge is designed to hold the window at any desired position without the need for additional hardware such as a casement stay. It provides frictional resistance to the opening and closing force to keep the window in place, which makes it useful for ventilation control and easy cleaning. Butt hinges, on the other hand, only provide rotational movement for the window and do not hold it at specific positions. A casement stay must be used in conjunction with a butt hinge.
  4. Adjustability: Friction hinges are typically adjustable, allowing for fine-tuning of the friction levels and opening angles. This adjustability feature is useful for maintaining consistent tension across multiple windows. Butt hinges, however, do not offer adjustability once installed.
  5. Load-bearing capacity: Butt hinges are generally stronger and can bear heavy loads compared to friction hinges, which are primarily designed for lightweight residential windows.

Ultimately, the choice between a friction hinge and a butt hinge for a window depends on factors such as window design, desired functionality, load-bearing requirements, and aesthetic preferences.

Our standard windows are installed with friction hinges. We always recommend these over butt hinges due to their streamline appearance and ease of maintenance.



External View with Butt Hinges


Installed Butt


External View with Friction Hinges


Installed Friction Hinge

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