If you live in a property where the sash windows have been residents of the home for a long time, there could be a chance that there is a draught. This can also occur in homes that aren’t that old, due to weather damage or neglect. There is nothing worse than sitting by a window and feeling a bitter draught, so if this sounds like a situation you’re often in, it’s understandable to want to get it sorted. The advantages of a draught seal and overhaul service are plentiful, let’s find out what they are.

Why do I need to service my sash windows if there is a draught?

A draught in your home is something that can pester you and make you avoid certain spots in your home, and this doesn’t sound like a comfortable way of living. The drawbacks of having a draught in your home are:

  • An uncomfortable way of living whilst the draught lets in unwanted air. A draught can make your home a colder place to be, as well as causing a rattling sound that can get on your nerves.
  • A draught can make your home more susceptible to weather damage, and this could impact the inside of your home as well. Draughts can sometimes lead to damp in your home, which if left untreated can lead to some nasty health problems over time.
  • The energy efficiency of your home will be negatively impacted by a draught, as you will lose heat through your window. This will impact you financially as well, as you may use more energy trying to warm up your home.

How is a draught in a sash window remedied?

In a sash window, it is expected that there will be gaps. These are necessary so that the mechanism of a sliding sash window can be successful, but if the sash windows are severely aged or neglected, these gaps can be the source of the draught. The process of a draught seal and overhaul service will include:

  • Installing new brushes and seals

    Into the sash window box, new brushes and seals can be installed. The brushes and seals eradicate the draught, whilst the brush still allows the sash mechanism to slide effectively. This will also stop any rattling in the window, as the gaps will be sealed, and draught proofed.

  • Replace cords and staff and parting bead

    The cords in a sash window can start to become less effective over time, and they may wear down slightly. This could result in a draught, and so replacing them in a draught seal and overhaul service could reduce the draught that your home feels.

What are the benefits of a draught seal and overhaul service?

There are many benefits to a draught sealing and overhaul service, as well as simply improving your home.

  • Whilst the draught is being resolved, it’s possible that the window may have to be taken out. During this process, it could be possible to fix other underlying issues such as rot, improving the health of your sash windows.
  • You can improve your energy efficiency by eradicating your draught, as the precious heat that you spend money on generating will be more likely to stay in your home. This means that you may decrease your energy bills.
  • By sorting out the pesky draught, you may find yourself living in more enjoyable conditions. The rattling of a window is not the most comforting or relaxing sound, and so by sorting this issue you can improve your quality of life.

Here at Wandsworth Sash Windows, we are confident in our team’s ability to provide an excellent draught seal and overhaul service. We have been working with and crafting sash windows for years, and our passion lies within improving our customers’ homes. If you think you may require our services, get in touch with us today.

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