We are all keen to find ways of enjoying a warm, draught free home without the need for constantly turning the heating up and paying extortionate energy bills. With up to 30% of heating energy lost through the windows of an average home, your window dressings are a great starting point for improving energy efficiency. Investing in plantation shutters will help keep the warm air in and the cold air out in winter and the opposite will be achieved in summer. Here’s how your wooden window shutters will keep you snug and warm when you need it most.

Wood naturally warms and insulates

Wood is a natural insulator meaning your plantation shutters possess natural heat retaining properties that will go a long way in reducing the typical heat lost through windows in our homes. Incorporating wooden features into your interior design scheme will help soften and warm the overall look of the room, particularly when paired with the white/light grey shades that are so popular in recent years. Modern design trends tend to favour natural materials and the timeless and stylish appearance of wood combined with its natural insulating properties is hard to compete with.

Plantation shutters act as an insulating barrier

Window shutters are a great way of reducing the loss of heat through the window glass. When shutters are closed, they create an insulative barrier between the window and the inside air, providing an extra layer of protection from the cold and essentially an extra layer of thickness to your glass. The insulative layer of air that is trapped between the shutters and the glass, helps maintain an amenable temperature within the house. It is for this reason that shutters are popular in bedrooms and living rooms where we like to be cosy and warm. They are also ideal for older, period and listed properties with traditional windows that have a tendency to be draughty. Victorian properties for example, are notorious for their large, bay windows where heat can easily seep out.

Let in as much winter sun as possible

Unlike curtains, shutters allow you to let light in whilst providing privacy. The wooden slats on plantation shutters allow you to control how much light you let in. You can let the sun stream into your room during the daytime to warm your interior and utilise as much of the winter sun as possible. At night, you can close the shutter slats completely to trap in the warm air.

Our plantation shutters can be custom made to fit any window size and shape. If you want to freshen up your interiors, create a modern ambience and reap some energy saving, heat retaining benefits along the way, give us a call, our experienced team can talk you through our bespoke, made to measure range. They will work with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve to find the perfect solution for your home and lifestyle.

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