Curtains, Blinds Or Shutters? Which Is Best For Your Home?

When renovating or refurbishing a house, quite often the budget is spent before you get to the soft furnishing of the windows or the considerations that are involved therein. In fact, it can quite often become an afterthought. This is usually a mistake, especially after spending a lot of money redeveloping the look of a home or a room.

The Variety of Choice

Curtains or drapes like blinds and shutters will come in all different colours, shapes and sizes. There are many considerations to bear in mind when furnishing a window, such as;

  • The style and period in which the room has been furnished and decorated.
  • The position of the room in relation to the rest of the house.
  • Is it an urban, suburban or a rural home?
  • What the room is used for.

The first point seems obvious, but there is absolutely no way that a room furnished with antiques is going to look good adorned with 1960’s retro floral curtains. It makes sense to approach style with the rest of the period preference in the room as well as the remainder of the house.

Type of Window

The types of window being used are also relevant. Sash windows are a part of architectural heritage frequently can’t be replaced due to conservation or listing regulations but make up a fabulous part of the character of the house. How you choose to cover those windows will either enhance or damage the nature of the room and possibly even the look of the home from the exterior too.

Curtains are probably the most frequent option. Blinds and shutters offer practical solutions and can completely transform the style of the room. For those who like to enjoy the benefits of different types of window coverings, why not combine two of the three?

What The Room Is Used For

When wanting to black a room out completely, shutters make a quick and easy solution and can even enhance the window features, especially if it is a period house with sash windows. When opting for a blackout solution especially for a bedroom, shutters may be the right solution. They are particularly effective when managing dust allergies as they are easy to wipe down. Café style shutters are attractive because they afford the room privacy, while still allowing the light in.

If a room has a colour contrast curtains or blinds may be a better solution. When considering the privacy needs of a bathroom user not only the nature of a curtain or blind becomes relevant but also the material. Moisture resistant materials are especially important for bathrooms and kitchens.

When making the final decision, it is important to remember the concept of continuity. Good design suggests that you would shutter one room, drape another and place blinds in a third.

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