Sash Windows London

Congratulations on your decision to install sash windows your property.

It’s a decision you will not regret.

Thousands and thousands of home owners across the United Kingdom have made the decision to replace or repair their windows with sash windows, so you are not alone.

Sash windows provide a tried and trusted option for home owners looking to combine character with functionality. As more and more home owners realise what the benefits of sash windows are, the numbers of home owners installing sash windows can only increase.

The most important issue for many people who have decided to install sash windows is what is the best way to prepare? Importantly, home owners want to keep disruption to a minimum. Making adequate preparations beforehand means that the job won’t take as long because the window installers can get to work straight away,  there will be less disruption and accidental damage and your life can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Here are 4 things that you should do to prepare for the arrival of the window replacement contractors so that all they have to do is install your windows:

Remove curtains and other soft furnishings from your windows

Curtains, blinds and nets are expensive items that you do not want to get damaged during the window replacement process. The simplest thing to do is to remove them, and any supporting brackets, supports and fittings and store them away safely until the job is completed. It may also make sense at this point to remove any pelmets, curtain tracks or curtain rails to allow contractors unfettered access to the windows and the surrounding area;

Make it easy for contractors to reach your windows

Of course it is vital that contractors can access your windows safely and easily. Simply relocate any furniture that might get in the way a distance of about 1 metre, or more, from the windows. It is likely that your contractors will require electrical sockets for their power tools, so make sure they are easy to access.   Your contractors will also require space outside the windows for ladders or scaffolding so make sure that you have relocated and garden furniture, waste materials or other items that could be a hazard or slow down the installation process. Another essential preparation is to remove any vehicles from the outside of the property so will that your contractor will be able to park their van next to the property;

Protect or relocate valuable items within your contractor’s work area

Window replacement can on occasions result in dust and other waste particles ending up on the floor of the property. Contractors will provide their own dust cloths and do what they can to keep this to a minimum. Many home owners decide to use their own floor coverings, in addition to those provided by contractors and many choose to cover furniture with their own dust sheets. Furthermore, accidents do happen and it make sense to relocate your valuable and breakable possessions to a safe place. And let us not forget your pets. Animals can be upset by changes in routine or strangers in the house. Furthermore, open windows can provide an irresistible  escape route for cats and  dogs. Therefore, appropriate precautions should be taken to ensure their safety at all times;

Arrange access for contractors

If you are unable to be present when the work is being undertaken you should make appropriate arrangements to arrange access. This might mean leaving a key with a neighbour or giving it to the contractors the day before. If the property is alarmed then appropriate codes or keys should also be supplied. And you should make arrangements for the return of any keys to you, once the job has been completed;

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