Windows are everywhere. They are in every home, office, and shop that we walk or drive past on a daily basis. But whilst they’re an incredibly practical feature, they also have the power to transform your home.

Whether you’re looking to increase natural light, want to ramp up kerb appeal, or to add to the interior aesthetic of your home, there are many things to consider when choosing the type of window to install. This article puts the spotlight on two of the most common window styles:

  • Sash windows, which slide up and down
  • Casement windows, which are hinged and open and shut like doors

Stunning sash windows

Many people who live in Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian properties have this elegant style of window, and it is often something that homebuyers get excited about. When original sashes are in good repair, or replacements are well designed and expertly installed, they enhance the period features of these beautiful buildings. If the originals are still in-situ, it is often possible to tell the era of a property from the type of sash used!


  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Ideal for rooms tight on space due to the sliding mechanism
  • Hand-crafted sash windows improve the insulation of a property, saving on energy bills
  • Opening the top sash and bottom sash by a small amount allows for fantastic air circulation through the room, perfect on hot days!


  • Older windows using sash cords or spirals can experience stickiness or drooping

Classic casement windows

It is probably fair to say that casements are the most common window style in Britain. Perfect for modern properties where they offer a contemporary look, they can also add a lot of charm to an older property when fitted with the right frame.


  • Easy to open and offer unobstructed views as windows open up fully
  • Increased security due to the lock being hook-shaped and embedded within the frame
  • Very energy efficient as on closing the window sash presses against the frame to create an artificial seal that prevents leakage and air entry


  • Could pose a risk to unattended young children when fully open

What style is right for you?

This is the million-dollar question. Whilst there is always an exception to the rule, many of our customers with period properties opt for sash windows, but we know that casements can work well too. And vice-versa, so we always encourage clients to consider both styles, the era of their property, their existing window style, and their room shape and size before making their final selection.

If you already have sash windows it may be beneficial to overhaul and draught seal them if you haven’t already done so. Alternatively, you could either replace sashes into the existing frame, or you completely replace the box frame and sashes.

If you’re looking at casements there are two main types: the flush, or English casement, and the storm-proof, or lipped casement which can accommodate various combinations of fixed and opening sections, making this style of window very versatile. Teamed with the level of customisation we can offer, there will most definitely be something to suit your home.

And then once you’ve chosen the style you’re going for, the only other decisions you’ll have to make will be about frame type, glass type, ironmongery and paint colour. More on that another time!

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