Bespoke joinery is something which can turn a house into a home. Unique pieces, tailored to your style of living and décor preferences, have the ability to capture the essence of your home, and craft it into tangible furniture. The process taken to produce these beautiful aspects of our homes are in depth and capture the interest of DIYers and craftsmen alike, so we decided we would share it with you.

It is important to remember that bespoke joinery is exactly that – bespoke. This means that there can be elements through the process that vary slightly to ensure that you receive furniture which exceeds your visions and ticks all of your boxes.

Let’s get designing

Most of the joinery projects we embark on here at Wandsworth Sash Windows are entirely bespoke. This means that it is ever-important to ensure that in-depth discussions are shared. Topics such as requirements, visions and requests should be covered to ensure that your joiner can replicate the ideas you have for your joinery. During these discussions, you could expect to hear a selection of ideas to boost inspiration levels. With all of this information gathered, your joiner will be able to take measurements of the space and create a drawing.

Let’s get crafting

It is important to remember that you should never expect for your joinery to begin the manufacturing process until you have approved on a design. Your joiner should always share their final drawings with you, allowing you to make alterations if you wish. Once approved, you can expect for a team of craftsmen to begin revolving your vision to a reality. Time should be taken to ensure that a quality finish is achieved. You should check predicted timeframes before manufacturing begins.

Let’s get installing

Many joiners will also install their own work, which is always a good sign. You should ask if your joiner carries out this service during your initial consultation. Our team of joiners always provide installation. This time allows us to make any minor adjustments required to ensure it fits perfectly in your home, and looks and operates as it should. We know just how important bespoke joinery is to every household. This level of understanding follows us throughout the whole process, allowing us to devote our dedication to producing a piece of joinery that exceeds expectations and fits in ever home perfectly.

From bespoke windows to wardrobes and furniture, we can design and create it with care. Get in touch with our team at Wandsworth Sash Windows to find out more about our craftsmanship, and how we can provide your home with a uniquely personal touch.

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