The benefits of a bespoke wardrobe

We hear the word bespoke and our immediate reaction is that it must be expensive. While it will be more so than buying a factory-produced version, it need not be as expensive as you may think. When you also consider the value it can add to your home it may actually be a great investment and worth the additional expense. In the last few years there has been a reduction in the number of house moves across the UK. With a difficult economy over the last decade, people have chosen to invest in their homes instead, adding value to them so that when the time is right for their next move they can benefit further from that little extra that their investment has made. This month we explore the benefits of a adding a bespoke wardrobe to your home.


The most obvious benefit is creating storage space. You may live in a small home with few options for storage, or your room may be an unusual shape with nooks and alcoves that ‘steal’ space and are difficult to make good use of. Even if you have a larger room, a well-fitted wardrobe can blend in better without taking away much of the space that you do have.

Unique to you

A bespoke wardrobe can be built to your precise specifications. So if you have more shoes than you know what to do with, your wardrobe can be designed and built to either showcase them or hide them. Perhaps it’s not shoes that you like to collect, but handbags or dresses. Regardless of what it may be, a bespoke wardrobe can be tailored to do exactly what you need it to do, not something you can easily find with a ready-made one.

Adds value

Adding storage space in bedrooms is a relatively easy way of adding value to your home, and what easier way to do that than with a wardrobe which you can make the most of as well? Particularly so if you are creating a built-in wardrobe and maximise small or difficult spaces; buyers are always on the look-out for added-value touches and if it means one less thing for them to worry about they are willing to pay a small premium for it. Keep in mind that while you may not have the big shoe collection, your buyer might!

Environmental footprint

We hear a lot about our carbon or environmental footprint and all the ways in which we can reduce it. Creating your own wardrobe could be the difference between using locally-sourced materials and having something ready-made shipped half-way across the world for you.

Supporting local craftsmen

Skilled workers still have a very important part to play in our economy. When you choose a local business to create and build something for you, you are not only supporting that business and the local community around it, but you are also helping skilled craftsmen to continue their trade.

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