Plantation shutters have been increasingly popular for a number of years and this trend is not likely to end any time soon. They are versatile, offer much-needed privacy in urban areas and help keep energy bills low in winter (and in summer too if you have air conditioning at home). As the days start to lengthen and the sun makes more appearances – and hopefully for longer periods of time too – we take a look at what you need to know if you are considering installing plantation shutters in your home.

Types of plantation shutters

There are a variety of styles available on the market to suit all needs. These include:

  • Full-height shutters: one of the most common types, full height shutters cover the whole window from top to bottom. By reflecting the design and height of the window, they will add height to your room which can work very work well in smaller spaces. The configuration of the panels can be designed in a variety of ways to suit your needs and offers plenty of flexibility in how much natural light comes into the room. Options are also available to split them enabling you to open top and bottom halves independently – a useful mechanism if privacy is on your mind.
  • Half-height (or café style) shutters: these will cover the bottom half of your window, offering privacy from the prying eyes of passers-by while allowing plenty of natural light in from the top half. These are a particularly useful style if your room faces a busy street or you have a basement that opens out on to the kerb. You can also include curtains or even blinds to soften the look internally if you wish.
  • Top-opening (or tier-on-tier) shutters: while these cover the full length of the window they allow for a number of opening variations, including the two halves opening independently, allowing you to play with privacy and daylight and adjust accordingly.
  • Bespoke: plantation shutters can be manufactured to fit any style and shape of window, including sash and bay windows, or any other unusual shape.

Other considerations

Choosing the amount of window coverage is only one element of plantation shutters. There are plenty of other ways in which you can personalise your shutters, including:

  • Louvre size: fixed and immovable louvres are available, but you can also opt for ones that you can open and close to adjust for light and privacy. You can select from a number of louvre sizes, giving you greater flexibility in the amount of natural light you let into your room.
  • Materials: options include different varieties of wood and MDF.
  • Colours: although most opt for lighter colours, there are plenty of colour finishes and stains available to help you personalise your plantation shutters to suit the style and design of each room.

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