Conservation areas in Islington

You’ll find conservation areas throughout Islington. These are important to be aware of as a local resident because they place restrictions on the alterations and adjustments you can make to your property. If you require support with obtaining planning permission in the face of these stricter requirements, our team will be happy to help. We’ve completed more than 300 applications so far.

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Islington conservation areas

What is a conservation area?

Designating an area for conservation applies additional guidelines to protect its special character. According to the council, character is based on a lot more than just the buildings in an area – the materials used, boundaries, roads and pathways, landscaping, and the mixture of uses across buildings are also key.

Why does Islington have conservation areas?

The London Borough of Islington uses its conservation areas to protect features with historic interest or architectural heritage. This ensures that the character that makes each of these areas special is retained over time and isn’t lost across the generations.

Where are the conservation areas in Islington?

There are currently 41 conservation areas in Islington, demonstrating the richness and variety of the architecture that can be witnessed throughout the borough. These cover approximately 50% of the borough.

Local conservation areas

  1. Clerkenwell Green
  2. New River
  3. Duncan Terrace/Colebrooke Row
  4. Arlington Square
  5. Highbury Fields
  6. St Mary Magdalene
  7. Whitehall Park
  8. Canonbury
  9. Charterhouse Square
  10. Barnsbury
  11. Tufnell Park
  12. Newington Green
  13. Cross Street
  14. Keystone Crescent
  15. Highbury New Park
  16. St Luke’s
  17. Regent’s Canal West
  18. The Angel
  19. Upper Street (North)
  20. Chiswell Street
  21. King’s Cross
  22. Bunhill Fields and Finsbury Square
  23. East Canonbury
  24. Mercers Road/Tavistock Terrace
  25. Tollington Park
  26. Hat and Feathers
  27. Aberdeen Park
  28. St John’s Grove
  29. Northampton Square
  30. Highgate Hill/Hornsey Lane
  31. Moorfields
  32. Hillmarton
  33. Chapel Market/Penton Street
  34. Rosebery Avenue
  35. Kingsbury Road
  36. Sotheby Road
  37. Priory Green
  38. Calabria Road
  39. Stroud Green
  40. Whistler Street
  41. Holborn Union Infirmary

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Do you live in one of Islington’s conservation areas? We’ll be happy to help if you need assistance with obtaining planning permission. Call 020 8131 2886 or email to tell us your requirements.

    How does living in a conservation area affect Islington residents?

    If you live in one of the conservation areas outlined above, it’s important to consult the planning guidelines that the council has put together. These provide an insight into the precise controls that are in place. However, there are some restrictions which will always apply to these areas and require planning permission:

    • Total or substantial demolition of a building
    • External works
    • Roof alterations
    • Minor alterations such as satellite dishes
    • Six weeks’ written notice to prune or fell a tree

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    Additional restrictions

    When an area is deemed particularly important, a public consultation will be held and an Article 4 Direction may be applied. This impacts the properties’ permitted development rights and makes it necessary to seek planning permission for minor alterations or home improvement projects. For example, permission would be needed to change external doors or windows or to paint external brickwork. The areas with Article 4 Direction in Islington are:

    • New River
    • Duncan Terrace/Colebrooke Row
    • Arlington Square
    • Highbury Fields
    • St Mary Magdalene
    • Whitehall Park
    • Canonbury
    • Barnsbury
    • Tufnell Park
    • Keystone Crescent
    • Highbury New Park (Provisionally)
    • East Canonbury
    • Mercers Road/Tavistock Terrace
    • Tollington Park
    • Aberdeen Park
    • St John’s Grove
    • Hillmarton
    • Sotheby Road
    • Stroud Green

    Gaining planning permission within one of Islington’s conservation areas

    Although the planning permission application process is unfamiliar to many homeowners, support is available! Working with an experienced team like ours can give you confidence that the application is being handled by an experienced party. We can even handle the process from start to finish on your behalf. Wandsworth Sash Windows has a 100% success rate for applications within conservation areas and will help you to avoid hassle when you wish to install new sash windows or carry out another home improvement project.

    How long does it take to apply and gain approval within a conservation area?

    There are no guaranteed timeframes when it comes to planning permission. The timing for your application will depend on how many other applications have been submitted and are in the backlog of being reviewed. That said, you can use the following rough guidelines that we’ve put together based on our experiences with local planning authorities.

    Preparing the application – 2-3 weeks

    Preparation is key to making a successful application. You should allow several weeks at this stage to ensure that all the relevant Conservation Area Design Guidelines (CADG) are met by the proposal.

    Assessing the application – 8 weeks

    The planning authority is held to an 8-week timeframe to return a decision. This countdown only starts once the application has been reviewed initially and has been marked as complete, allowing the authority to delay the process and accommodate their current backlog. In order to further delay the decision date, they can also request further information. Unfortunately, these factors can’t be predicted or controlled and must be accepted as part of the planning process.

    How long does it take to apply and gain approval for a Listed Building?

    There are two ways that a building in Islington can be listed. It may be on the council’s list of important local buildings, or it may be designated as a building of national historic or architectural interest and added to the National Heritage List for England (NHLE).

    Islington locally listed buildings

    A locally listed building will have been chosen for its value, distinctiveness, and contribution to the quality of the local environment. These buildings aren’t subject to any additional planning controls, but care must be taken over their future and preservation. Any planning application will be expected to respect the building’s character and to use appropriate materials, as these factors will be considered by the planning authority.

    Nationally listed buildings

    There are around 4,500 nationally listed buildings in Islington. To make alterations to one of these buildings you will need to apply for Listed Building Consent (LBC) and will be expected to demonstrate why the proposed changes are necessary. Failing to obtain consent before making alterations is a criminal offence, even if you were unaware of the building’s listed status. This process is more involved than typical planning permission and applies to works of any scale. It will take at least 12-18 weeks and multiple applications will often be needed.

    What is the Listed Building Consent process?

    Listed Building Consent applies the strictest possible planning controls and, as such, requires a lot of back and forth with the planning authority. It’s common that additional information will be needed as the application proceeds and is reviewed. If you’d like assistance with the process, Wandsworth Sash Windows will be happy to help. We can manage the process and will help you to set realistic expectations about the sort of permissions that can be obtained. Our team will discuss the different options with you and will help you to decide on the most appropriate route. To learn more, read our guide to Listed Building services and discover how we can support you and your planning application.

    Do you live in one of Islington’s conservation areas?

    We’re here to help with local planning applications in Islington. If you’d like assistance with works in a conservation area, rely on us. Call 020 8131 2886 or email to start the process.