12 Aug 2015
How to ensure your Sash Windows are safe for Children

Here at Wandsworth Sash Windows one question we often get asked is “what additional security can I have to prevent my children from opening my windows?”

Sash windows are traditionally associated with old and old-style buildings. Around one hundred years ago people didn’t take health and safety as seriously as we do today. In short, if you fell out of a sash window then tough – it was your own fault!

Original Sash windows do raise concerns when considering safety. Old sash windows are unlikely to have locks or, if the window has fallen into disrepair, then the lock is likely to be broken or easy to undo.

Young children are naturally inquisitive and like to ‘fiddle with things’, and don’t really have that much of an idea about their own safety. Sash windows can therefore be very easy for them to open, and because of their design as being close to the floor, an adventurous child can soon climb onto or even out of the window, putting themselves in serious jeopardy.

You might think that “my child would never do that”, but the unfortunate truth is that around 4,000 children fall through open windows each year in the UK alone. Many of them suffer serious injuries, sadly including fatalities.

The good news is that making your sash window ‘child-proof’ is not difficult at all. All you need to do is to choose some child safety window restrictors.

These restrictors are little bolts that sit at the sides of the upper part of your sash window and operate using a specific key. Crucially, they sit at a height that is out of reach of most children who are too young to understand the danger inherent in messing about with windows.

How do sash window bolt restrictors workChild safety bolts on Sash WindowsIf the sash window is raised more than ten centimetres, then the bolts come into play and prevent the sash window being lifted any higher. This ten centimetre gap is specified as the safest distance to prevent any age of child falling through the window.

When it comes to purposefully lifting your sash windows fully, all you need to do is unlock the bolts using your window restrictor key. You can then slide the sash window beyond the restrictor, and to whatever height you choose.

One additional benefit of window restrictors is that they act as an additional security measure if someone attempts to raise your sash window from the outside with the intent of gaining entry to your home. Burglars are definitely not able to squeeze through a ten centimetre gap and you will be able to leave your sash windows partly open without worrying about security which is particularly useful during the hot summer months..

When it comes to sash windows, window restrictors offer a very low cost solution to some important safety issues, both for the safety of your children, and the safety of your home.