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Listed building
Listed Buildings – The Basics
You may have heard the term in passing, visited one in person or you may even know someone that owns
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Bespoke Kitchens Sussex
Kitchen renovation | All the foresight you need
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?  It would be a particularly useful skill to have before undertaking a renovation
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House Plants
Tips for a healthy home
Did you know that there are hundreds of toxins polluting our air indoors?  Tiny particles from mould spores, house dust,
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Wandsworth Sash WIndows Green Lane Stained Glass front door
Stained glass windows | New or repair?
Stained glass has been around for centuries, in fact, tools employed by craftsman for making glass have been known to
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What is Certass and how does a Certass certificate benefit our customers and our business?
Certass are specialists in installer certification for the building industry.  In order to become members of Certass, companies are assessed
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How to fit sash window safety restrictors
A home boasting elegant sash windows is often admired for the defined period style that sash windows evoke. However, due
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Winter flowering houseplants that will look great on your window sill
As much as we love the twinkly lights that illuminate our living rooms at this time of year, they are
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Building plans
How to Keep Your Property Refurbishment on Track
If you are planning on undertaking a project at home you may want to consider the following key things to
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How to Clean Sash Windows from the Inside
For longer-lasting, better looking timber sash windows, regular cleaning is recommended.  Cleaning your glass and timber surfaces often, will also
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