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Glass products from Wandsworth Sash Windows

Click here to book your FREE quotationHere at Wandsworth Sash Windows, whilst we began life solely supplying sash windows in London, we have since expanded and are now able to supply your home with glass balustrades and glass splash-backs and much more.

Glass balustrades

Safety is of course extremely important in both the home and the office. Balconies and stairwells can be hazardous places if any open spaces where people can fall through are not properly made safe. You do not, however, have to ruin the aesthetic quality of your interior design by introducing hazard lines or safety signs. You can instead install glass balustrades to make your home or office a safer place to be for your family or employees.

Here at Wandsworth Sash Windows we can install great-looking glass balustrades for your home or office. There are few features that combine safety and aesthetic appeal as much as a glass balustrade. Typically – as every installation is different and we are capable of providing any form of particular bespoke solution that you require – a balustrade is the perfect marriage of the timeless appeal of glass with the strength of metal to create something that ticks all three boxes: sophistication, safety and security.

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Glass Splashbacks

Your kitchen and bathroom are the two areas of your home that are most likely to endure the most action during their lifetime. As such, it’s difficult to keep on top of all the wear and tear that these two rooms are likely to suffer, in order to keep them looking in pristine condition.

By installing glass splashbacks, you can preserve that ‘new look’ of your home just that little bit more. Here at Wandsworth Sash Windows we are capable of providing splashbacks that will match any existing colour scheme, so you can use them to complement the style of your existing space. They will help to prevent spills and splashes from staining your walls, hence preserving the beauty of your kitchen and bathroom longer than if you did not install them. We can even make splashbacks with cut outs for electrical outlets, and with toughened glass for the area behind your hob.

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