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    We are suppliers and installers of bespoke sash windows, handmade and hand painted in our UK workshop.

    Why get a quote?

    • Sash window repair or refurbishment is cheaper than you think and is more cost effective than simply replacing old windows with new
    • Sash window renovation will give you modern, effective noise and heat insulation without having to buy entirely new windows
    • Once refurbished, your windows will look as good as new, and perform better too
    • No more draughts, rattles or noise
    • Heat is kept inside the home, lowering energy bills
    • Carried out by our expert team, sash window restoration will enhance the appearance of your home and last for years

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    Are your old sash windows letting in draughts? Fed up of how difficult they are to clean, the rattling and unsightly appearance?

    Our custom sash window repair and refurbishment service in London can transform the look of your home

    Our expert team is highly skilled in sash window repair.

    We also offer box sash window repair and refurbishment

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    Why restore your old sash windows?

    • Energy efficient – if your old sash or box sash windows rattle with the slightest breeze, let draughts in and heat out, you’re paying far more for your energy bills than you need to. Our sash window renovation comes with full draught proofing to keep your home snug all winter.
    • Secure your home – older windows do not have the safety and security features of modern designs. Our refurb team will fit new, high quality locks and catches, keeping your home and your family safe.
    • Increase the value of your home – Tired, ill-fitting and old windows can cause the value of your home to fall. Even if you aren’t thinking of selling anytime soon, stylish, modern and visually beautiful windows will add thousands to the value of your home

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    Why Choose Wandsworth Sash Windows?

    If you’re thinking of replacing your old windows, our sash window repair and refurbishment service could save you thousands of pounds. Instead of paying for all new windows, we’ll restore your existing sash or box sash windows to their former glory with a careful, cost-effective and proven restoration and repair. Don’t go for a poor substitute – contact us to find out about our professional sash window maintenance today.

    • Local, family run sash window company
    • It’s often cheaper to restore sash windows that fit brand new
    • Free quote and installation
    • A team of expert joiners and fitters will restore your sash windows, keeping disruption to a minimum
    • Highest quality guarantee
    • We’re a 5 star rated company

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    What our clients say

    “This family run business offers great quality of work along with a friendly service. I had 4 front sash windows replaced at a reasonable price and I was really pleased with the finish. Would use them again and have recommended them to a few of my friends.”

    Take a look at a few of our recently completed sash window repair and refurbishment projects

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    About Us

    We’re a family run business, based in Wandsworth and with showrooms in Wandsworth and Brockley. Our team of expert craftsmen and highly skilled joiners use traditional methods, and we pride ourselves on being a small team that delivers to a high standard. We believe in good quality products that stand the test of time, which is why all of our replacement sash windows are 100% made to measure.

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