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Restore peace and tranquillity to your home by having your sash windows sound-proofed

Sash Window Sound Proofing in LondonSash windows do not have the best reputation for reducing noise pollution. Period sash windows are typically long-term installations that were first installed decades ago, they are usually single-paned, and over time gaps can appear between the panes and the sash boxes, allowing in noise.

Of course, we seem to live in a much noisier world than we probably did when your property’s sash windows were installed, with stark increases in traffic noise and other audible pollution. Having ‘noisy’ windows is not only annoying; it can be detrimental to your health, both physically and mentally. Noise exposure can lead to stress, a lack of sleep and a lack of the ability to concentrate. From the point of view of acoustic pollution, ill-fitting and poorly sound-proofed sash windows can become a real problem.

Happily, we here at Wandsworth Sash Windows can offer you a variety of sound-proofing options to increase the noise-insulation abilities of your sash windows. We can use discreet secondary glazing to help sound-proof your windows, or even specialist acoustic glass.

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Every circumstance is different, hence every potential solution is different. How we would solve your particular sound-proofing need depends upon how much noise there is, how much it bothers you, plus how much you have available to spend to solve your specific issue. Thankfully, here at Wandsworth Sash Windows we truly are the experts at providing solutions to your noise pollution issues.

Secondary glazing is probably the easiest solution to your sound-proofing needs, and it also helps with heat insulation as well. Secondary glazing involves the replacement on a box-by-box basis of all the single panes in your sash window with bonded panes, that is, two panes that are fitted together with a small gap between them. The addition of that second pane will reduce the amount of noise that comes through your window by at least half, plus the gap in between creates another, noise-reducing barrier.

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If you feel you deserve a little more quiet time than you are currently in receipt of, then please contact us here at Wandsworth Sash Windows, and we’ll do all we can to help you. You can call us on 020 7924 7303, or send us a message through our contact form by clicking here.

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