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Improve the energy-efficiency of your home by having us repair your sash windows

Sash Window Repairs in LondonIf you are at a loss to explain why your energy bills seem to be forever spiralling upwards, then the most likely culprit is poorly-installed or poorly-maintained windows. If you have sash windows and they are not performing as efficiently as they ought to be, then you might as well be leaving them open to the elements all day long.

At the time when your sash windows were first installed, it’s unlikely that the person who installed them had access to the sort of energy-efficient insulation materials that are available today. Repairing your sash windows so they improve their draught-proofing properties is the most effective way of instantly increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

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Sash Window Repairs LondonPoorly-performing sash windows allow the warm air to leak from your home. If your sash windows are poorly insulated or in a bad state of repair, then the air in a room is completely changed around three times every hour. This means that you are spending money heating air that then simply leaks out into the external environment, which is naturally very expensive.

Here at Wandsworth Sash Windows we can provide a complete sash window repair service that will overhaul your existing sash windows and rectify any problems that we find, all without changing the visible appearance of your windows one single iota. We will replace inefficient insulation, repair the timbers, re-balance and adjust the sashes and install new unbreakable chords.

We can also supply new retaining beads with integrated draught excluders, and install brand-new window ironmongery including insurance-approved, key-operated locks. We can also replace any rotting hardwood sills, or replace single sashes as necessary to reduce the potential spread of wood rot.

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If you would like to have your sash windows repaired by a team of highly-qualified and highly-effective sash windows experts, then call us here at Wandsworth Sash Windows on 020 7924 7303, or send us a message through our contact form by clicking here. We are always delighted to hear from new clients, and we hope that we will be shortly able to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

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