21 Feb 2018

Address: Elmstone Road SW6
Service: Sash replacement and French doors
Job value: £8,000 – £9,000

Elmstone Road is located in Parsons Green just off Fulham Road. We were asked to carry out the work to this property by the landlord. This was not a problem for us and we were able to carry out a survey and complete the work by liaising directly with the tenants.

For this job our workshop manufactured 4 new pairs of double glazed sashes and a set of French doors and frame. Above the French doors was an original piece of stained glass that the customer wanted to retain. Before we removed it we noted that the stained glass was slightly damaged. Once we had de-glazed the stained glass we sent it to a specialist we often use in Camden to have it repaired. In the meantime our workshop began production.

We completed the joinery and made a slimmer double glazed unit for the section above the French doors. When the stained glass was repaired and returned to us we glazed it behind the slim double glazed unit to complete everything.

Comments from Ms H

Very satisfied.”