23 Feb 2018

Address: Aldebert Terrace SW8
Service: Sash replacement and complete renewal
Job value: £20,000 – £22,000

Aldebert Terrace is a typical London street located between Stockwell and Oval. We completed the work for this customer in two phases. Phase 1 involved installing new double glazed timber sashes into the existing box frames for all 12 windows in the property, apart from the rear first floor Venetian style window, which was manufactured as a complete replacement.

Once this work was finished the customer began work on a ground floor rear kitchen extension. When they were far enough along with the project they asked us to liaise directly with their architect to make and install another Venetian style window to complete everything. This was Phase 2.

We often work alongside architects and builders on behalf of our customers and we always have a successful working relationship.

Comments from Mr & Mrs M

We knew you guys had done a good job and we became certain of this when we saw our windows from Phase 1 pictured on the side of your van when you were carrying out Phase 2!