22 Feb 2016

London is one of the world’s most prolific cities, with a huge population and a constant stream of tourists. With so many people crammed into one place, London can be loud – and it’s about to get louder if plans go ahead for an extra runway at either Heathrow or Gatwick airport.

Currently, some 760,000 people are affected by noise pollution from aircraft taking off or landing at Heathrow airport. Flights to the UK’s air hub could be increasing in the next few years if a third runway is to be built, as proposed by the Airports Commission and some government ministers.

Chancellor George Osborne has said that the UK needs to increase airport capacity to maintain economic growth, with support for a new runway to Heathrow. However, after much opposition to the expansion of Heathrow, including Labour and Conservative mayoral candidates for London, there has also been a suggestion to build a second runway at Gatwick – which could mean less disruption for residents.

Despite opposition, it seems likely that somewhere in London, an airport will be expanding resulting in even more air traffic. For London residents, this means even more noise from aircraft and increased road traffic in the area. Unless you want to sell your home, the best option is to start soundproofing it.

Did you know that noise exposure at home can lead to lack of sleep, inability to concentrate and even stress? If external noise is bothering you, it’s time to take action before it affects your health. A lot of noise enters the property through the windows – but you don’t need to replace them altogether to reap the benefits of soundproofing.

Window specialists can advise on a number of soundproofing options, such as secondary glazing and acoustic glass. Homeowners with sash windows can often suffer from noise pollution and think there are no options to reduce the amount of noise exposure. But these sash windows were often installed many years ago without the advancements available today, so there are modern ways to stop the disturbance.

Sound-proofing your sash windows is easier than you think. Secondary glazing adds a second pane of glass which acts as an extra noise barrier – it can reduce the amount of noise that enters your window by at least half! It also adds heat insulation too, so your house will be warmer as well as quieter.

If you think you’re likely to be affected by more noise pollution from increased air traffic in London take action now.

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