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Expert and experienced sash window services for you in Brighton

Click here to book your FREE quotationIf you are looking for a friendly, family-run company to help you with issues with your sash windows in Brighton, then please consider the services of us here at Wandsworth Sash Windows. We run our business in the way that we think it should be run – with craftsmanship of the highest quality, a practical and effective approach, and with a commitment to keep our prices competitive.

Draught-proofing, sound-proofing and servicing

Sash Windows BrightonOur services will help improve the energy-efficiency of your windows by applying modern draught-proofing techniques to your existing windows, and without significantly altering their appearance. We will make sure that your windows are as effectively draught-proofed as they can be, and we will service them so they run smoothly and safely.

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Improve energy-efficiency with double glazing

If your sash windows are currently single-glazed, you can improve their effectiveness in keeping your home warm by having them upgraded to double-glazed, and without any need for complete replacement. We can double-glaze each box on a box-by-box basis while maintaining the original, period appearance of your property. Doing this will also reduce condensation and improve the exclusion of noise and draughts.

Full replacement sash windows

If it so happens that your original box frames will cost too much to repair as is economically viable, then your best option is to have your entire window replaced. As we manufacture sash windows ourselves, we can create bespoke replacements for you that will match perfectly the design and style of the sash windows in Brighton you are having replaced.

We can also offer to repair or refurbish your existing sash windows to make them as good as – and on most occasions better than – they were when they were first installed. Finally, we can provide a number of other glazing-related services, such as the provision and installation of casement windows, French doors, plantation shutters, balustrades and splashbacks.

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Sash Windows in BrightonTo obtain a free, no-obligation quotation for any service that you may require from us, please contact Wandsworth Sash Windows on 020 7924 7303. Alternatively you can send us a message through our contact form by clicking here.  Feel free to contact us at any time, and we are always delighted to hear from potential new clients.

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