We’re fully aware that in the world of business, a stagnant company is more often than not one that quickly becomes unsuccessful. That’s why we, as a company, think it’s important to evolve, and to keep a firm eye on happenings within our industry. You can keep abreast of all the latest happenings that affect Wandsworth Sash Windows here.

Easy Ways To Add Character To Your Home

The charm and history of a building are often what attracts people to make a property their home. A home with its elegant sash windows and its defined period style

Curtains, Blinds Or Shutters? Which Is Best For Your Home?

15.06.2017   Adrian MakeMeLocal

When renovating or refurbishing a house, quite often the budget is spent before you get to the soft furnishing of the windows or the considerations that are involved therein. In

Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home Without Detracting From Its Character

There are several things that can be done to improve the energy efficiency of your home without having to take drastic measures. Tackling energy efficiency demons is a task best

Choosing a sash window specialist: An essential checklist

Searching for a sash window expert is no simple task, and when you turn to Google the half a million results can be plain intimidating. Even when looking locally, there

Intriguing facts about sash windows

Sash windows – they’re graceful, charming and stoic in equal measure. Sash windows bring a lot to the table for the average property, but you may not have thought that

Is your home ready for winter? Five ways to winter-proof your home

As the nights get longer and the temperature drops you know that the winter months of the year are on their way. Now is the time to make sure that

What to do before the contractor arrives to install your sash windows

Congratulations on your decision to install sash windows your property. It’s a decision you will not regret. Thousands and thousands of home owners across the United Kingdom have made the

Replacing or Repairing Windows in Listed Buildings

The repair or replacement of windows in listed buildings is not straight forward and a number of factors must be considered before permission will be given to make any changes.

Window dressing – what you need to know

Windows are a focal point for every room. The type of window dressing in a room, such as blinds, curtains or window shutters, can dictate how much light can enter

A short history of Sash Windows

No one knows the exact origins of the sliding sash window. Some credit the Dutch with its invention while others suggest that natural philosopher, architect and polymath Robert Hooke invented

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